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Thanks to Saphymo's expertise, Bertin Instruments has developed a full range of products and systems dedicated to radiation protection and ionizing radiation monitoring on an international scale.


& Security

Bertin Instruments provides and develops solutions both for CBRN threat detection and identification and optronic surveillance systems dedicated to the strategic sector of defense and security.



Safety improvement is a constant issue in vital industries such as oil and gas. Our mission is to develop innovative tools to protect their infrastructures and workers at an early stage.


Life Sciences

Scientists today meet major challenges and need state-of-the-art equipment to increase efficiency in their labs. Bertin Instruments develops and provides laboratory equipment dedicated to life science professionals.


Environment & Recycling

Monitoring radioactive risks in the environment is critical especially around vital industrial or nuclear sites and facilities. Through its brand Saphymo, Bertin Instruments offers reliable and field-proven solutions for the environmental treatment and prevention of radioactive materials.

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Exensor Technology Ltd invited to feature in the Technology section of the next United Kingdom Parliamentary Review

16 Feb 2018

Exensor Technology Ltd (UK), subsidiary of Bertin Technologies, has been invited to feature in the Technology Section of the 2017/2018...


Radiation protection services from Saphymo

Thanks to Saphymo's comprehensive expertise, after-sales solutions have been developped to maintain the products in optimal state throughout their life cycle.
Range of products
Precellys Evolution is the most advanced homogenizer for sample preparation

Precellys Evolution homogenizer

Tissue Homogenizers - Sample preparation / Products

Precellys Evolution is the most advanced tissue homogenizer combining high efficiency and versatility for all sample preparation needs.

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Coriolis Micro – Air sampler

Air samplers

Coriolis µ is a Biological Air Sampler for bio-contamination quality control compatible with all analysis methods thanks to its liquid output.

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Minilys - homogenizer for low througput laboratory workflows

Minilys personal homogenizer

Tissue Homogenizers - Sample preparation

Especially designed for low throughput laboratory workflows, the Minilys personal tissue homogenizer homogenizes three samples simultaneously in 0.5mL or 2mL tubes and one sample in 7 ml tubes.

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Cryolys cooling option keeps temperature of the samples between 0°C and 10°C during homogenization to preserve sensitive molecules

Cryolys cooling option

Tissue Homogenizers - Sample preparation

The Cryolys is a patented cooling option, compatible with Precellys tissue homogenizers, that keeps the temperature of the samples between 0°C and 10°C during homogenization.

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Precellys 24 tissue homogenizer

Tissue Homogenizers - Sample preparation

Precellys 24 is the perfect high throughput tissue homogenizer solution for routine applications capable of operating up to 24 tubes of 2mL.

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Second Sight MS

Second Sight MS – gas detector

Gas detection

Second Sight MS is the only standoff gas cloud detector for real time surveillance and with source localization.

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Coriolis RECON

Air samplers

Coriolis RECON is a portable, light and ruggedized bio-air sampler for biological warfare agents collection for military or first responder operation.

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GammaTRACER Spider

Environmental Radiation Monitoring Systems / Products / Réseaux de surveillance radiologique de l’environnement

GammaTRACER SPIDER, a gamma probe designed for emergency response and enabling a fast deployment in the critical area with minimum human intervention. Data is transmitted via proprietary UHF radio or satellite.

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FusionSight – Night Vision Device

Optronics - Surveillance systems

FusionSight is a world-first digital night and day vision device providing smart fusion for threat and target accurate detection.

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Second Sight TC - Optical gas imaging for oil and gas site surveillance

Second Sight TC – Gas leak detector

Gas detection / Products

This gas cloud tracking system, based on infrared technology, provides an innovative solution for industrial safety.

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SpectroTRACER - Intelligent Gamma Spectroscopic Probe

SpectroTRACER – Spectroscopic probe

Environmental Radiation Monitoring Systems / Réseaux de surveillance radiologique de l’environnement

SpectroTRACER is a continuous operating measurement system for nuclide specific detection of even lowest level gamma contamination in air (SpectroTRACER-Air/Soil) and in liquids (SpectroTRACER-Aqua)

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AlphaGUARD – Radon monitor

Radon professional monitoring / Products

AlphaGUARD is a portable radon monitor with high sensitivity and outstanding accuracy. It is the benchmark instrument for professional radon monitoring.

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MiniTRACE radio equipped with a radio module for online data transmission

MiniTRACE Radio

Environmental Radiation Monitoring Systems / Dose rate & survey meters / Réseaux de surveillance radiologique de l’environnement

MiniTRACE Gamma is a dose rate meter designed to improve the safety of workers in control areas of nuclear power plants, reprocessing facilities, research centers and hospitals.

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Radiation portal monitors / Products / Portiques de détection de la radioactivité

SaphyGATE G is an easy-to-use Radiation Portal Monitor optimized for truck, train and cargo radiation control. It is based on large-surface, high-volume plastic detectors providing the highest sensitivity.

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Radiation portal monitors / Portiques de détection de la radioactivité

Real-time spectrometric RPM with high volume NaI (Sodium Iodide) detector for access control

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Bertin Instruments’ expertise

For many years, Bertin has been working in the key sector of Defense and Security by developing solutions for optronic surveillance and early warning CBRN threat detection. By acquiring Saphymo in 2015, Bertin is now the only French industrialist to offer a full range of solutions in detection and identification of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear.
Therefore, the Second Sight standoff gas leak detector has been adapted to industrial Safety.

Bertin Instruments is also providing a wide range of radiation monitoring devices (Radon professional monitoring, Health Physics, Radiation portal monitors and Environmental monitoring systems).

Finally, strong of its expertise in laboratory equipment with Precellys tissue homogenizer, Bertin Instruments launches the new generation of cell imager: InCellis Smart Cell Imaging system. This smart digital microscope is providing embedded cell culture application for confluency and transfection efficiency automatic calculation.


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