For several decades, microscopes proved to be the best tools to observe in detail biological samples. Today scientists tend to use cell imagers in their labs, such as the InCellis. What makes this new cell imager a valuable tool?

Launched in 2016, InCellis differs from the other cell imagers available in the market. What makes it unique are its Apps, designed to help scientists in their daily research. If one wants to monitor the proliferation of neurons in a culture depending on the presence or absence of a drug, there is an App for it. Today, this cell imager features a Total Cell Counting App, a Cell Measurement App, a Cell Transfection App and a Cell Confluency App. Olivier Varet, InCellis product manager, explains, “We created the InCellis to meet the needs of anyone who would use the cell as an in vitro test model”. He wanted to design a machine that would help scientists in depth: “First, we gave it a high quality imagery in white and fluorescent light, and then we incorporated multiple Apps exactly like smartphones” he adds.

This PhD holder used to work in a lab, and his past job inspired the InCellis’ engineers to put user experience at the very core of the machine’s development, in order to make it easy to use and intuitive. “Back in the days, I would have loved being able to observe my cultures on a daily basis” he admits. Such quality of imaging was made possible thanks to Bertin engineers’ expertise gained by developing high-end technologies in other critical markets, involving for instance optics and electronics. InCellis provides an excellent imagery quality, and customers often praise it: “Once, three researchers from different countries told me the InCellis imagery quality was so neat they no longer needed their old confocal microscopes!” tells Olivier Varet.

Beside the Apps and the technical quality of the cell imager, its ability to evolve in time also helps researchers. Using their feedbacks, Bertin’s team constantly refines the InCellis according to user’s needs. The InCellis Apps are available for a 15-day free demo for any user who would like to try them on their InCellis. Customers are also free to submit their ideas to enhance the cell imager.

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