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    Airborne contamination detection in clean room

    Sources: RNSA Laboratoire


    A cell culture laboratory working in clean room under microbiological safety cabinet was identifying pollens
    and molds spores into his cultures supernatant. Yet these contaminations were not detected by traditional air
    control methods of particular counting and microbiological control described in ISO 14644 and ISO 14698.
    Innovative methods for air sampling and analysis have been used to control the room air and determine the
    products non-quality causes.


  • High and representative volume of air sampled
  • Whole sample analysis
  • Counting and identification of pollens and molds
    non detected by impaction on agar dishes:
    cultivable + non cultivable particles
  • After aeraulics improvements, global
    decontamination and work procedures review
    Microbiological acceptable level < 3 particles/m 3 of air for each control point



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