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    Airborne Endotoxins Detection in Offices

    Sources: RNSA Laboratoire, France


    Endotoxin is a structural component produced by Gram-negative bacteria which are common in the environment, particularly in water or in water damaged conditions. It has been associated with many respiratory symptoms and complaints related to the indoor environment including agricultural & industrial sites, waste processing and offices.
    RNSA Laboratoire has been requested to do an audit about the air quality in offices where employees suffer from specific symptoms. The objective was to measure the level of exposure to endotoxins in various spaces (Lobbies (L), meeting rooms (MR), offices (O) and open space (OS)).
    Comparison sampling with the Coriolis®μ have been carried out in October 2009 between suspect areas and non suspect ones under similar environmental conditions. The collected endotoxins were analyzed by the standard analytical method, LAL assay (Limulus amebocyte lysate).


    High levels of endotoxins have been measured in almost all areas of the building excepted in one of the office (n°3).
    These exposure levels of endotoxins have to be taken into account considering that a concentration around 200 EU/m3 could already cause irritation effects in the respiratory system (literature).
    The samples collected in a short time (10 min) are representatives of the areas studies (3 m3 each).

    04131-203-SL017 Endotoxin EN


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