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    Assessment of Fungi burden in a process room

    Sources: Lyven – Soufflet Group


    LYVEN is specialized in the production of enzymes from fungal microorganisms by Solid State Fermentation (SSF). LYVEN has developed an original SSF process which allows to ferment on thick layers in perfectly controlled and monitored fermentors. Then, enzymes are extracted from the fermented medium to obtain specific enzymatic concentrates. LYVEN enzymes are used worldwide in bakery industries, feed, brewery, wine industries…
    In order to evaluate the efficiency of non-stop decontamination processes in-site, Coriolis µ and an impaction air sampler were compared to assess the fungi burden in a specific room before and after the non-stop decontamination process.


    The impaction air sampler didn’t allow to evaluate the reduction rate of the non-stop decontamination processes: the agar plates were saturated at T0.

    Thanks to the dilution of the liquid sample from the Coriolis air sampler, it was possible to have an accurate result at T0 and after the decontamination process. The reduction rate calculated after Coriolis µ sampling was reported on the table 1.

    photo lyven


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