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Birch Allergens Quantification With Coriolis Air Sampler

Sources: ZAUM, Germany


The information provided by pollen grains and spores counts cannot be ignored by allergists and allergic individuals but there is sometimes a divergence observed with clinical observations. It has led to measure directly airborne allergens during pollen season to determine a rate of allergenicity in the air.
In this study, the birch pollen, which is a major pollen across the Europe, was monitored during the birch pollen season 2008 (April) in Munich. Sampling birch pollen with Coriolis® operated with a “dry cone” (no collection liquid) and measuring the extracted allergen Bet v1 with ELISA assay were carried out.


Similar temporal evolution is observed between Bet v1 allergens concentration and birch pollen count: high levels of Bet v1 sampled with Coriolis® were found on all days with high pollen flight, low levels of allergen on all days with low pollen count.


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