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Food/Pharma/ Veterinary Industry

Coriolis air sampler collects biological particles in the air for air quality control and monitoring in an industrial process

Animal confinement building studies have noted raised bioaerosol levels. They modify the health risk of exposed workers and people who live near these facilities, particularly downwind. Livestock workers have reported allergic reactions, respiratory problems, hypersensitivity reactions, and infectious diseases related to exposure to airborne pathogens. These facilities are large and so densely populated that, when a pathogen is introduced, chronic infections are widespread.

Airborne contamination control is also a critical factor in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries to the extent that the products and production area can be sensitive to specific microbiological contaminants; some production requires very strict procedures. The Coriolis µ is the ideal tool for the monitoring of specific pathogens (including viruses or endotoxins) in a low or a high airborne contaminated area, such as CAFOs, to prevent animal infections, human respiratory diseases and production line contamination.


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