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Abstract: Nosocomial infections are an increasing source of concern for the Covid-19 pandemic. Several studies have shown that the transmission of Covid-19 in healthcare settings may amplify local outbreaks, and can worsen the burden on already overstreched resources (1). Understanding the airborne transmission of respiratory viruses such as the coronaviruses or the influenza viruses is a crucial step to design the appropriate prevention and control measures.   However, monitoring the presence of viruses in the air can be a very challenging process as viruses are often present at a very low concentration relative to the detection threshold of PCR assays. In this article, we present how the Coriolis air samplers (Bertin Technologies, Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France) can be used to detect the presence of viruses in the air. We describe a protocol used to evaluate SARS-CoV-2 surface and air contamination in a London hospital, using surface swabs and the Coriolis μ air sampler coupled with RT-qPCR and viral culture. Viral RNA was detected in 14/31 (38.7%) of the collected air samples but no virus was cultured. Viral RNA was found in the air occupied by Covid-19 patients but also in public areas of the hospital.

(1)Taylor, Jennifer, et al. “Nosocomial COVID-19: experience from a large acute NHS Trust in South-West London.” Journal of Hospital Infection 106.3 (2020): 621-625.

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