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    Improving worker radiation protection

    Innovation for contamination control and worker protection improvement

    Sources: Bertin Instruments, France


    Equipped with an aging fleet of contamination control instruments, EDF wanted to replace its old monitors with new equipment, more efficient and enabling an easier control, while being compatible with the majority of probes available on the market.

    In order to meet this demand, the group called upon Bertin’s expertise to develop a new comprehensive and innovative contamination control system, in compliance with the ALARA approach, applicable in the nuclear industry.

    Saphyrad E

    Developed by Bertin, the new SaphyRAD E contamination monitor provides a simpler and more effective alpha & beta radioactive contamination control compared to older contamination meters, while being more robust.

    A wide range of α, β and α + β contamination probes are available with the monitor. These, combined with a new algorithm, enable a fast, efficient and optimized detection.


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