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    Indirect methods of surface contamination monitoring

    Smear test innovation for contamination control

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    In order to enhance and renew radioprotection equipment dedicated to the nuclear industry field, Bertin Instruments recently developed a new alpha & beta radioactive contamination control device, the SaphyRAD.

    Ruggedized and ergonomic, this new contamination meter was specially designed for use by non specialists and in harsh environment.

    Contamination control can be performed with the SaphyRAD using two methods :

    • By direct control, placing the probe at a short range from the contaminated area to detect fixed and non fixed contamination.
    • By indirect control (cf. figure 1), using smear sampling (measurement mode) or wiping (screening mode) to monitor the activity on a contaminated surface. This latter mode consists in rubbing a rigid surface of a defined size with a piece of cotton, fabric or filter in order to collect a non fixed fraction of deposited radionuclides.


    saphyrad apn


    The SaphyRAD is a multiprobe contamination meter allowing to efficiently control the contamination of a construction area, but also to measure material and tool contamination at sites or controlled areas’ exit.

    The SaphyRAD’s wide range of probes for contamination control, combined with its specifc algorithm, enables a swift and efficient detection, for small and large areas.


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