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Emergency Control of Radiological Contamination

When faced with CBRN menaces, including radiological threats, first responders need to ensure their protection and that of the population at all times.

First-responders and civil protection organizations specialized in CBRN threat detection face various missions, particularly concerning radiological risks, which can have different origins (industrial, nuclear, terrorist …). Two missions in particular involve radiological measurements: reconnaissance missions and intervention missions.

The protection of first responders requires marking a safety zone around the event site and setting up an entrance & exit zone airlock, in order to check the external contamination of victims and intervention materials.
Onsite, irradiation measurements and a surface contamination control must be carried out in order to quantify and qualify the radiological risk, and then limit the transfer of contamination if necessary.
With regard to the population involved, a control of the external contamination of the victims must be carried out in order to direct the wounded towards the adapted care services.
All of these actions can be performed using the SaphyRAD multiprobe contamination meter developed by Bertin Instruments.


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