DNA extraction from French soils Evaluation of Precellys®24-Dual 7mL Vial

05 May 2016

With Precellys®24 – Dual, the concentration of DNA extracted is around 2.5 higher than the standard method.

DNA Extraction from Rice Grain

05 May 2016

Rice is a key element of the Korean food. Due to Korean regulations, the rice species need to be defined and evaluated.

Crude Cell Lysate Preparation for Recombinant Adenovirus-Associated Virus (Raav) Vector Production

05 May 2016

Traditionally, in order to release intracellular retained rAAV vectors, producer cells are lysed by 3 to 4 freeze-thaw-cycles (liquid nitrogen-37 °C water), producing a crude cell lysate that is the starting material for a variety of subsequent purification and concentration methods.

Protein extraction from human blood conduits with Minilys

05 May 2016

Up to 50% of saphenous vein (SV) grafts will be occluded ten years after a coronary bypass operation, compared to only 2-5% of the mammary (IMA) or radial (RA) artery grafts.

Recover live herpes virus from infected mouseganglia with Minilys

05 May 2016

The research focus of our laboratory is on human herpes virus pathogenesis and the development of new treatments and vaccines.


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