[WHITE PAPER] Best Practices in mouse tissue sample preparation for RNA extraction with Precellys Evolution

04 Dec 2017

Sample preparation is a critical step before proceeding to molecular down-stream analysis, especially for thermo-sensitive molecules such as RNA. The Cryolys® Evolution cooling unit combined with Precellys® Evolution can maintain a constant low temperature of 4°C within the Precellys sample processing chamber.

[WHITE PAPER] Best practices for cell culture confluency calculation with InCellis

04 Dec 2017

InCellis facilitates cell confluency calculation and improves the results’ accuracy, thanks to its specific and dedicated application “Cell Confluency”.

[WHITE PAPER] Best Practices in sensitive sites 24/7 surveillance using optronic solutions

30 Nov 2017

Bertin Instruments’ optronics solutions, PeriSight® and FusionSight®, can be used to maintain the surveillance of sensitive sites, involving massive flows of people and dangerous materials’ handling.

[WHITE PAPER] On-site determination of the radon concentration in water: sampling & on-line methods

30 Nov 2017

The new AlphaGUARD from Bertin Instruments allow for a fast and uncomplicated determination of the Radon concentration in water samples immediately on site with satisfactory accuracy.


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