During the BDSV annual seminar, the German subsidiary of Bertin – Bertin GmbH – will present SaphyGateG, from its range of radiation portal monitor.

Dedicated to the professionals of the recycling & steel industries (Protection of the environment and the workers), BDSV will be the occasion for our experts to show the SaphyGate, the high-performance portal monitor optimized for train, truck and cargo control.

Compliant with the IEC 62022 international standard, the system is based on a smart algorithm, capable of compensating the background noise attenuation caused by vehicles passing by. This feature guarantees better performances in terms of radiation detection, with a lower false alarm rate compared to other classical systems.

Robust, the SaphyGate G automatically detects all types of radioactive sources. Its adaptive alarm threshold and alarm classification function ensure the discrimination of both natural and artificial radiations.

To know more about our solutions for the radioactivity control, meet our experts in Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland (Booth #15).

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