Bertin Instruments is pleased to present Cryolys Evolution, the new cooling system specially adapted for Precellys Evolution tissue homogenizer.

This new version of Cryolys is installed on the top of Bertin’s Precellys Evolution homogenizer without any air pipe or power cable – it is powered directly through the Precellys unit. End-users may control both devices from a single interface, enabling them to benefit from greater performances in a smaller size.

Cryolys Evolution allows preventing the degradation of thermo-sensitive molecules such as RNA, siRNA, metabolites, enzymes or proteins. These molecules are subject to more and more investigations, especially in the fields of Cancer Research and Pharmacology. Cryolys Evolution’s patented technology allows to maintain a low temperature (0°C- 10°C) before, during and after the grinding process with Precellys Evolution.

As with all of Bertin’s products, both the ergonomic and user experience have been taken into great consideration by the development team.


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