We are pleased to announce our new partnership with VirexpR, a leader in the field of aerosol virus monitoring. VirexpR is a spin-off of the VirPath academic research laboratory of the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, which provides new technology offerings and a wide range of R&D services in the field of indoor air quality (IAQ).

VirexpR is an ideal partner for Bertin Technologies. Its experience in the field of virus monitoring and indoor air quality is complementary to our range of air samplers, Coriolis. Bertin’s expertise in in-situ air sampling combined with VirexpR’s in-depth knowledge of virology will enable us to provide turnkey solutions to our users in the field of indoor air quality.


The Coriolis range of biological air samplers has been developed by Bertin Instruments to be more efficient than traditional air quality monitoring systems. The cyclonic technology efficiently collects the biological particles of the air whatever their nature: Bacteria, viruses, pollen, etc. The sample taken is therefore compatible with all microbiological or molecular biology analyses, which allows the results of the biological contamination of the indoor and outdoor air to be obtained more quickly.

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