From May 3rd to 6th, 2022, Bertin will attend the CBRNe Research and Innovation Conference held in Lille, France. Meet us at GIE Defense NBC’s booth (n°30) to discover our full range of solutions for detection & identification of CBRN threats.

In a really tense international context, the criminal use of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear weapons is more likely than ever. Hence, moving forward on CBRN response and management becomes of upmost importance to reduce the effects such type of attacks could have on military and civilian populations.

Within this framework, CBRNe Research and Innovation Conference offers a leading platform to gather researchers, first-responders and industrials involved in CBRN threat management. During 3 days, this unmissable event will host conferences, workshops and demonstrations related to specific CBRN topics, such as the securing of the Olympic Games 2024, the defense of the Armed Forces, or the impact of evolving technology on the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Key actors from the CBRN industry will also attend the show to exchange on their latest innovations for the support of teams confronted to CBRN threats. Don’t miss this occasion to discover equipment and solutions covering the full spectrum of CBRN threat management: Detection – Identification / Protection – Decontamination / Medical countermeasures / Risks and crisis management.

For the 5th edition of CBRNe Research and Innovation Conference, Bertin will be located at GIE Defense NBC* booth (n° 30) to showcase its range of dedicated instruments for detection and identification of CBRN threats:

  • SecondSight MS: Standoff gas cloud detector for real-time detection, visualization and identification of chemical threats. Acting as an early-warning system, this high-performance camera offers a special gas-X feature for fast tracking and localization of unknown, impure and mixed gases.
  • SaphyRAD MS: Multiprobe military survey meter for radiation contamination detection and exposure monitoring. Its comprehensive range of probes allows for the detection and measurement of Gamma, Alpha, Beta and X-ray radiations.
  • Coriolis Compact/Coriolis Nano: Biological air samplers for bio-contamination control, perfectly adapted to indoor and outdoor use on the field. Lightweight and ergonomic, Coriolis instruments are based on a dry cyclonic technology to efficiently collect biological particles in the air: Bacteria, viruses, pollen, etc.

In addition, Bertin will be giving a demonstration of its survey meter SaphyRAD MS and its associated probes at 2:30pm on Wednesday May 4th in Hall Bruxelles during the dedicated sessions. A poster summarizing Bertin’s contribution to the CBRN Reconnaissance and Surveillance System (RSS) project, led by the European Defense Agency (EDA), will also be exhibited in the poster area.

Our representatives will be fresh and ready to welcome you at booth n°30 and have a chat on our solutions!

* GIE Defense NBC consists in a partnership between innovative SMEs, subsidiaries from large groups and research laboratories from the French CBRN Defense industrial base.  For more than 30 years, this unique organization has promoted French expertise in defense and protection of Armed Forces, civil security units, populations and territories.  

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