Bertin Technologies, a subsidiary of the CNIM Group, just announced the signature of a new contract with EDF covering the preventive and corrective maintenance of mobile radiation monitoring (RPM), fixed radiation monitoring (KZC) equipment, as well as the radiation monitoring systems (RMS) for French nuclear power plants.

The five-year contract covers the 19 operating EDF nuclear power plants along with the Creys-Malville and Flamanville sites.

EDF’s specifications required that several plants or sites be managed together so as to group technical engineer interventions, thus improving worktime and reducing waiting time in-between interventions. Bertin chose to implement the creation of 4 geographical areas that are placed under the authority of regional team leaders. These leaders will manage teams composed of technical engineers able to work on any radiation monitoring equipment. The company plans to hire 8 other engineers in the next two years to fully set up these teams.

Bertin also created an internal training school for “CAMARI” qualification (Certificat d’Aptitude à Manipuler les Appareils de Radiologie Industrielle / Ability Certification in Using of Industrial Radiological Equipment). Its main goal is to achieve greater self-reliance, enabling Bertin engineers to obtain the IRSN official qualification faster.

“Thanks to our training school, our engineers can complete upstream and not directly on site the requisite number of radiological trainings for the certification. As a result we can be self-reliant much faster” explains Eric Dollé, Bertin’s Director of Services. “We already trained 4 engineers in 2016 and expect to continue at the same pace in the coming years”.

Since January 2017, about 30 Bertin engineers have carried out work on the various EDF sites; and about 15 others are in charge of in-house equipment maintenance in Saphymo’s factory located in Thiron-Gardais (Eure-et-Loir / France).

With this new contract, Bertin will expand its activities for EDF, increasing market share level from 25% to 45%. One of EDF’s long-established partner, through its trademark Saphymo, Bertin has been providing EDF with RPM/KZC services for almost 20 years and RMS services for almost 10 years.

“When Bertin took over Saphymo company beginning of 2015 it became one of the few 100%-French supplier for health physics and radiation monitoring equipment as well as for ionizing radiation measurement” points out Philippe Demigné, Chairman of Bertin Technologies and also a member of the CNIM Group Board of Administrators. “We have been active for over 20 years in the development of new technologies and the supply of radiation protection products, both in France and for foreign markets. We also are a leader for the maintenance of radiation protection equipment thanks in particular to our industrial unit at Thiron-Gardais, which houses a COFRAC-accredited calibration center with 2 pillboxes (one for radiation monitoring and one for dosimetry)”.

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