In the field of Life Sciences, Bertin Instruments develops laboratory equipment and reagents alongside the technological building blocks tailored to our customers’ needs.

We strive to improve our customers’ industrial production processes, particularly in the area of cell analysis and sample preparation.

Bertin Instruments’ skillful engineers support you from start to finish, for the lifespan of your project, or during a specific stage of your project’s evolution. Thanks to a French team of experts in mechanics, electronics, software and analytical biology, we can take care of the design, certification, prototyping and implementation of small batch production of your instrument (from prototype, pre-production batches and industrialization support).

We can also integrate our end user products into your workflow to improve the efficiency of your own technological building blocks. With 4 different ISO certificates, the quality control and monitoring of your project is fully assured to respect your needs and deadlines. Two engineering and integration centers and one 2,250sqm facility house Bertin Instruments’ capabilities. Working with cutting edge technology for Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies, we can address hot topics such as bioproduction, cell culture monitoring, cell therapy, microfluidics, spectroscopy …

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