Bertin Instruments will attend the 2017 National Radiological Emergency Preparedness Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA from 10 to 13 April.

Come and meet us at booth #13 to discover our complete range of environmental radiation monitoring systems, including: autonomous measuring probes, to measure, record and transmit the environmental gamma radiation dose rate, such as GammaTRACER & Spider Spectroscopic measuring probes, for continuous measurement of very low air, soil or water contamination, conducting spectrometric analysis for radionuclides identification.

  •  aerosol monitoring solutions, measuring the concentration of α and β artificial radioactive aerosols.
  •  data transmission & management solutions: proprietary solutions designed to transmit online data from connected low-power sensors (also compatible with other redundancy solutions) to a comprehensive data management software.

About the 2017 NREP Conference: its goal “is to provide a professional forum for individuals involved in Radiological Emergency Preparedness programs to gather in the spirit of continuous self-improvement to share program experiences, develop solutions to common challenges, and create innovative planning, exercising and training methodologies.” Contact our team to set up a meeting >>