Bertin’s field application scientist Mariana Gaboriau has prepared a selection of articles dedicated to emulsion preparation using Precellys tissue homogenizers and the Precellys emulsion kit.

A research article on the standardization of antigen-emulsion preparations for the induction of autoimmune disease models: experimental autoimmune encephalitis, collagen II induced arthritis, antigen induced arthritis, and delayed type hypersensitivity models

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A study that introduces optoacoustic imaging as a tractable technique with the potential to further characterize the role of hypoxia in EAE (experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis) and to monitor it in MS (multiple sclerosis) patients

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Find out more in this application note about the emulsion and the comparison between the quality created by the two-syringe method and the Precellys emulsion kit obtained by researchers at the University of Sorbonne Paris Nord.

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