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Metabolic Diseases

To grow, living organisms get their energy from the environment. For mammalians and higher organisms, this is under glands control, which may dysfunction and trigger metabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

Study of metabolism includes transformation of proteins, sugar and fat in energy and structural molecules for cells and organisms. This complex mechanism involves steady process from organ to molecular levels, and is controled by hormones. It is nowadays well known that multifactorial factors such as genetics, environmental and psychological factors are impacting the metabolims.

Covering a range of original as well as essential biomarkers, Bertin Bioreagent ELISA kits will help the research community to better understand diseases associated with metabolism. These ready to use ELISA kits help to identify correct targets, evaluate new drugs, discriminate responding from non responding patients, and in some cases they can be used as companion diagnostic tools.


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