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Developed in the 2000’s and designed for the surveillance of critical industrial or public sites, Second Sight enables the remote detection of a chemical threat, the real-time visualization of a gas cloud and the triggering of appropriate safety measures. Its infrared process offers a wide and continuous field of vision (day & night). Second Sight meets the needs of the army or civil protection units in charge of threat detection (CBRN teams in the field) such as the Asian CBRN Forces.

Initially developed for defense and civil security applications, Second Sight has been adapted to IECEx hazardous area and Saudi Aramco refinery standards. It provides, in real time, complete scene visualization. In case of an alarm activation, it localizes the leakage source and the direction of the explosive gas cloud in the vicinity. To enhance safety levels on-site, Bertin provides a turnkey solution that detects and monitors explosive gas clouds.

Second Sight: Historical track record, from a field-proven gas detection solution for CBRN forces to an advanced system adapted to chemical, oil and gas safety standards


Second Sight has been adapted to IECEx hazardous area and Saudi Aramco refinery standards.


Second Sight proved its effectiveness for Brazilian police forces during the Football World Cup in 2014.


Bertin Instruments has achieved a major breakthrough by customizing its original version of the Second Sight gas imaging camera.


Second Sight proved its effectiveness during the 2012 European Football Championships in Poland.


A new generation of Second Sight cameras is launched.

Its development benefits from user feedback: a smaller and lighter system with enhanced detection abilities. This product is available for armed forces and for French and international civilian safety and protection organizations.


The camera is introduced at the World’s Fair in China


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