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[App Note] How to perform efficient tissue homogenization by Cryogrinding?

12 Jan 2021

Precellys solutions replace time-consuming manual grinding & preserve metabolite properties Cryogenic grinding is an efficient method for mechanic tissue disruption. Precellys transforms solid & resilient tissue samples into powder in only a few seconds, and homogenizes tissues at low temperature, preventing the chemical transformation of unstable metabolites. In this new application note, discover the best […]

New application note: Analyse brain tissues with Precellys

15 Dec 2020

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) plays a critical role regulating the homeostasis in the central nervous system and defending it against toxins or microorganisms. The endothelium forming the BBB can be modulated by different stimulus such as inflammatory mediators. In this application note, discover how you can establish an in vivo model for the assessment of […]

[WHITE PAPER] Optimized homogenization protocols for NGS workflows

18 Sep 2020

The advent of next-generation sequencing techniques (NGS) has revolutionized the landscape of biology, allowing scientists to deepen their understanding of many diseases such as cancer. NGS workflows generally begin with a sample preparation step, whose success is crucial to ensure reliable sequencing results. An efficient and uniform homogenization is needed to obtain an adequate quantity […]

Radon in water

New application note: Continuous measurement of radon concentration in water with Radon Exchange Module 1

11 Sep 2019

The ALARA precautionary principle (As Low As Reasonably Possible) is the golden rule of radiation protection in the field of Risk Analysis science. This rule is applied to the exposure of individuals to radioactivity; this exposure must be low to be protected against health risks. Prolonged exposure to high-level ionizing radiation, such as radon gas, […]

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Best practices in microorganisms sample preparation with Precellys homogenizers | Download the White Paper

13 Jun 2019

Microorganisms, like bacteria, fungi, archaea, algae, protozoa, and viruses, known as microbes, play a critical role in many different phenomena. They are involved in climate change, nutrient cycling, biodegradation and diseases. In biotechnology, microbes can be used in a wide range of fields, such as the pharmaceutical industry to produce drugs, the environmental sector to […]


Precellys equipment used in research: 300+ scientific publications!

09 May 2019

With more than 300 publications referring to Precellys, this equipment is recognized in the scientific world as reference for optimal molecules’ extraction, in compliance with the increasingly used identification techniques. Numerous studies quote Precellys’ product range, demonstrating not only its efficiency for laboratory tasks but also its added-value for accurate researches. For example, the 7mL Lysing […]

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Precellys, trusted reference used by researchers worldwide

09 Apr 2019

Over the last years, biology techniques have considerably evolved, whether it be with mass spectrometry protein analysis or multiplex protein analysis and nucleic acids with qPCR, or sequencing… All those techniques have reached sensitivity levels never reached before. In parallel to increased sensitivity, cost per point has become lower for all laboratories, broadening the possibilities […]

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Precellys range involved in protein protection

21 Feb 2019

Protein analysis is a crucial step in many research projects. The techniques linked to this field are evolving relatively fast and require high quality samples because the analysis’ sensitivity provided by modern equipment is constantly getting more precise. Therefore, extracting proteins in the best conditions and ensuring their original state preservation is essential. During the […]

100000 genomes project

Precellys used for the 100.000 Genomes Project developed by NHS (UK)

31 Jul 2018

After the full sequence of human genome has been established in the early 2000s, a lot of perspectives emerged regarding the use of genomics data for health improvement. For this purpose, the 100.000 Genomes Project was built up by NHS in the United Kingdom and aims to sequence about 70.000 patients presenting rare genetic diseases […]

Evaluating the impact of energy-saving measures on dwellings radon levels with the AlphaGUARD

24 Apr 2018

The increased effort in energy-saving measures such as increased insulation and air-tightness could lead to an elevated average radon concentration in homes. This could result in an additional lung cancer risk for the residents, highlighting the need for a balanced approach between achieving improved environmental performance without increasing health risks to humans. Research teams are […]


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