Application Push

Evaluating the impact of energy-saving measures on dwellings radon levels with the AlphaGUARD

24 Apr 2018

The increased effort in energy-saving measures such as increased insulation and air-tightness could lead to an elevated average radon concentration in homes. This could result in an additional lung cancer risk for the residents, highlighting the need for a balanced approach between achieving improved environmental performance without increasing health risks to humans. Research teams are […]

WP Tough Samples

Best practices for tough sample grinding in molecular biology using Precellys | NEW WHITE PAPER

03 Apr 2018

The biggest challenge when working with fibrous, elastic and tough samples is efficient sample processing. The presence of elastic tissue, calcium phosphate (a rock-hard mineral) and other minerals can develop into a solid and tough matrix which can sometimes be difficult to homogenize. Moreover, heat generation inside the lysing kit tubes during the process results […]

SaphyRAD E

Innovation for contamination control and worker protection improvement

20 Mar 2018

Equipped with an aging fleet of contamination control instruments, EDF wanted to replace its old monitors with new equipment, more efficient and enabling an easier control, while being compatible with the majority of probes available on the market. In order to meet this demand, the group called upon Bertin’s expertise to develop a new comprehensive […]


Participation to a comprehensive system for the detection and monitoring of radioactivity

13 Mar 2018

The Flamanville EPR (European Pressurised Reactor) is the first site in France to install a new generation of nuclear reactors. This is in line with plans to upgrade EDF’s French nuclear facilities. This new reactor incorporates recent advances in environmental protection, technical and economic efficiency and above all safety. It makes more efficient use of […]


Best practices for air sampling in veterinary environment with the Coriolis®μ | NEW WHITE PAPER

01 Mar 2018

It is extremely important to monitor exposure to bio-contamination not only in clean room environments based in research laboratories and hospitals, but also in veterinary-based facilities such as CAFOs, farms and life-stock areas. Reducing the risk of exposure to airborne bio-contaminants is crucial for the human and animal well-being in those environments. Over the past […]

ILL Grenoble

Pairing gamma survey meters & drones: an emergency monitoring system

09 Feb 2018

The Laue-Langevin Institute (ILL) is an international research center for neutron science in Grenoble, France. It operates a high-flux 58 MW nuclear reactor producing fission in a compact-core fuel element. Every year, 1.400 scientists visit the ILL and 800 experiments are performed. The ILL Grenoble has to respect the same safety rules as the other […]

WP Precellys Marine Sample

Best Practices in Marine sample preparation | NEW WHITE PAPER

05 Feb 2018

When the ocean is dying, the planet is too… Coral reefs are already heavily affected, but the entire marine flora and fauna is threatened by ocean acidification and global warming. According to Australian researchers, greenhouse gas emissions might lead to a “collapse” of marine species and thus of the food chain. 10 to 12% of […]

White Paper ERMS

Implementation of radiological emergency monitoring solutions post-Fukushima | NEW WHITE PAPER

26 Jan 2018

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power accident in 2011 strongly highlighted the need to further strengthen effective regulatory control and oversight around Nuclear Power Plants. It also showed the need for renewed national safety and security regulations, in compliance with global safety standards and guidelines. All over the world, national and international agencies upgraded their safety […]


FusionSight, participating to SAR & counterdrug missions in the Carribean

19 Jan 2018

Bertin Instruments is proud to announce that FusionSight, handheld night & day vision device, has been deployed by the French Navy in the Caribbean. It will be used by operational onboard helicopters to perform Search And Rescue (SAR) and counterdrug missions. FusionSight undoubtedly brings operational advantages for that kind of missions: given the lack of […]

White Paper optro

Best Practices in sensitive sites 24/7 surveillance using optronic solutions | NEW WHITE PAPER

13 Dec 2017

Military camps, nuclear & chemical plants, and public facilities such as airports are considered to be sensitive sites, as they involve massive flows of people and dangerous materials’ handling. These sensitive sites must be closely monitored to ensure their security and their continuous 24/7 operation, even more in a context of terrorist world threat. Bertin […]


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