Sonde SaphyRAD

    New SaphyRAD smart probes

    20 Feb 2019

    Bertin Instruments enhanced the SaphyRAD, its universal and ergonomic contamination monitor, by equipping it with new smart and exchangeable probes to enforce their easy use and adapt them to the needs of the nuclear, medical and life sciences sector. The SaphyRAD already had the advantage of facilitating radiation detection thanks to its intuitive interface and […]


    World Cancer Day 2019: Precellys quoted in scientific researches

    04 Feb 2019

    Cancer is a major worldwide concern of public health, which affects everyone in a direct or indirect way. This pathology can touch many different organs and take many different forms, meaning the research in this field is very diverse. Cancerology involves many levels of research, ranging from generalized physiological analysis to a particular molecule’s deepest […]


    PhD Sarah-Jeanne Royer’s Coriolis sailed on tropical oceans

    14 Jan 2019

    Dr. Sarah-Jeanne Royer currently studies marine debris at the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC), and thanks to the Coriolis µ from Bertin, she was able to sample bioaresols on a daily basis for months, throughout the world’s oceans. “During the 2010 Malaspina Circumnavigation expedition, we used the Coriolis µ to sample bioaerosols above the sea […]


    Bertin Instruments at the Club des Radioprotectionnistes EDF | January 22 & 23, Strasbourg, France

    10 Jan 2019

    Bertin Instruments will be present at the Club des Radioprotectionnistes (Health Physicists’ conference) show organized by EDF. Meet our experts at booth 19, 22nd and 23rd of January, at the Palace of Music and Congress of Strasbourg. Our teams will present the SaphyRAD, new multiprobe contamination monitor choose by EDF to equip its 19 sites currently […]

    news saphygate video

    New Video | SaphyGATE G: Smart radiation portal monitor for vehicle control

    20 Dec 2018

    Designed for the control of trucks, trains and cargo loads, SaphyGATE G is Bertin Instruments’ new radiation portal monitor. Thanks to its advanced technology of high volume plastic scintillation detectors, it detects artificial and natural radioactive sources, even weak. The SaphyGATE G compensates the attenuation of the background noise due to the passage of the […]

    Illustration siteweb

    The new Protein Safe Lysing kit is coming in January!

    18 Dec 2018

    The Precellys lysing kit family is growing with the NEW Protein Safe Lysing kit. Developed internally by Bertin Technologies, in synergy with Bertin Bioreagent’s team, this new Precellys Lysing kit aims to provide an adapted solution to scientists who perform protein extraction and who are concerned about the proteins integrity. The Protein Safe Precellys Lysing […]

    InCellis Challenge

    A new generation of cell imagers – Interview with Oliver Varet

    17 Dec 2018

    For several decades, microscopes proved to be the best tools to observe in detail biological samples. Today scientists tend to use cell imagers in their labs, such as the InCellis. What makes this new cell imager a valuable tool? Launched in 2016, InCellis differs from the other cell imagers available in the market. What makes […]


    Good practices for adherent cell counting using the InCellis

    12 Dec 2018

    Single cell based assays are powerful tools to study drug effects, protein interactions and signaling pathways. Obtaining an accurate number of cells within the cell culture and/or calculating cell culture confluency are some of the important factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure optimized results. The Total Cell Counting App is the […]


    New InCellis Measurement App: measure your samples as you observe them

    06 Dec 2018

    Being able to measure the size of the element you are observing directly on the cell imager is crucial for an efficient image analysis. In order to compare cells morphology before and after treatment, measuring directly on the bench is a great way to draw conclusion quickly and thus gain time. Discover the latest addition […]


    Japanese police forces will use the Second Sight MS for the surveillance of public events

    03 Dec 2018

    The CBRN threat (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear), particularly the use of chemical agents for terrorist purposes, is more and more taken into account by international authorities. To monitor this threat, the Japanese National Police Agency (NPA) deployed the Second Sight gas remote sensing camera. “After successful trials during the Rugby matches in Japan in […]

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