Best practices for sample preparation & lipid extraction from various samples | NEW WHITE PAPER

    10 Sep 2018

    Lipids play a structural role in organisms, forming cells and organelles’ membranes. Not only do they store energy, but recent studies also showed their role as first and second messengers in signal transduction. As they are implicated in widespread pathologies such as cancer or inflammation, they have become a major concern for the scientific community. […]


    Endocrine disruptors’ impact on 20-hydroxyecdysone assessment on arthropods

    31 Aug 2018

    Endocrine disruptors (EDC) can provoke endocrine system dysfunctions and consequently population decline, which could lead to long term ecosystem’s jeopardy. It is then crucial to study them thoroughly. A team of scientists aimed to study the impact of the CLD – an insecticide which was widely used in French West Indies until 1993 – on […]


    InCellis for cell monitoring in cellular therapy studies

    17 Aug 2018

    A range of medical conditions can be treated by employing cell therapies. In regenerative and transfusion medicine, the process is based on the transplantation of human cells that have the ability to replace and repair damaged cells or establish normal cell function1,2. Stem-cells, fibroblasts various hematopoietic progenitor cells, and T-Cells are just some of the […]

    Modification de la legislation risque radon

    Evolution of the legislation concerning radon risks

    17 Aug 2018

    On June 5th, the European Commission published three decrees in the Official Journal in order to enhance the protection of nuclear activities in Europe. This new evolution was in fact already debated since December 2013; the core ideas emanating from the ASN (French Nuclear Safety Authority). New measures have been adopted, and their goal is […]


    Success of the biological detection chain tested during the S/K Challenge

    28 Jun 2018

    From May 7th to 18th, Bertin Instruments took part in the 4th edition of the S/K Challenge, a test campaign organized by the US Army at Dugway Proving Ground (Utah) to test biological and chemical detection technologies under controlled conditions representative of the environment. On this occasion, a new biological detection chain developed by Bertin […]

    Header-NEWS-soccer world cup

    Support your favorite team with Precellys at the Soccer World Cup & get a free lysing kit!

    14 Jun 2018

    Sample preparation implies selecting a specific type of bead for each type of sample. On the occasion of the Soccer World Cup, Bertin Instruments’ team launches its parallel World Cup game! Send us a picture of your Precellys harboring the colors of your favorite team and get a free demo kit.  We will select to […]


    Meet our experts during WNE from June 26th to 28th | Hall 7 Booth D125

    05 Jun 2018

    During the World Nuclear Exhibition 2018, taking place in Paris Nord Villepinte from June 26th to 28th, Bertin Instruments and its parent company CNIM will be present at Hall 7 booth D125 to exhibit their new innovations. Organized by the AIFEN (Association of French nuclear industry exporters), WNE is the largest French exhibit covering the […]


    A new optronic camera system dedicated to military vehicles, for reliable long-range night & day vision: PeriSight Zoom

    04 Jun 2018

    Intended for integrators for land and maritime applications, the PeriSight Zoom is a high performance integrated optronic solution, designed for vision from armoured vehicles and site surveillance. This compact camera system, incorporating the latest optronic vision technologies, combines an uncooled thermal imaging camera ideal for better night vision and a visible colour Low Light camera […]

    FusionSight Civilian Surveillance - Fully digital Night & Day Vision device

    A civilian version for FusionSight

    23 Apr 2018

    Bertin Instruments is proud to announce the release of a civilian version of its night & day vision enhancer: FusionSight CS (Civilian Surveillance) Initially developed for military application and powered by Photonis, the civilian version of FusionSight is based on the same design and characteristics, including the thermal, the color low light and the fusion […]

    Workshop on Radon Measurements in Mangalore, India

    Workshop on Radon Measurements in Mangalore, India

    09 Apr 2018

    On 22nd and 23rd of February, Bertin Instruments team organized a successful Workshop on Radon Measurements in Mangalore, India. The event took place at the authorized site of the Centre for Advanced Research in Environmental Radioactivity (CARER) of Mangalore University, which maintains international relations and managed to establish itself over the years as a major […]

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