New InCellis Measurement App: measure your samples as you observe them

    06 Dec 2018

    Being able to measure the size of the element you are observing directly on the cell imager is crucial for an efficient image analysis. In order to compare cells morphology before and after treatment, measuring directly on the bench is a great way to draw conclusion quickly and thus gain time. Discover the latest addition […]


    Japanese police forces will use the Second Sight MS for the surveillance of public events

    03 Dec 2018

    The CBRN threat (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear), particularly the use of chemical agents for terrorist purposes, is more and more taken into account by international authorities. To monitor this threat, the Japanese National Police Agency (NPA) deployed the Second Sight gas remote sensing camera. “After successful trials during the Rugby matches in Japan in […]


    Precellys tissue homogenizer selected as one of the eight latest advances in next-generation sequencing technology

    19 Nov 2018

    SelectScience showcases the latest technology and guidance for preparing samples for next-generation sequencing, quality control and whole genome sequencing methodology. A vast amount of information can be uncovered using RNA sequencing to analyze gene expression profiles. To achieve this, high-quality RNA must be obtained, making RNA extraction and purification a mandatory requirement for performing effective RNA […]


    Bertin & Thales’ PI ABC project presented during the DGA’s Defence Innovation Forum

    15 Nov 2018

    With its unique positioning in the detection of CBRN threats, Bertin Technologies has been selected, in a consortium with Thales, by the Ministry of the Armed Forces for the upstream research market “Platform for the Integration of Innovative Technologies in the Domain of Biological and Chemical Analysis “(PI ABC), which aims to structure, in the […]


    Quantom InLine, industrial scale sorting future?

    08 Nov 2018

    The European Union aims to protect the environment, through several programs like LIFE+, which was created in 2014. This program supports INSPIRE (Innovative sorting process recycling), a project whose mission is to develop solutions regarding the sorting of black polymers, in order to enhance Europe recycling rate. Waste management is the main concern in this […]


    What are the benefits of tissue homogenizers ? – Interview with François d’Hubert

    07 Nov 2018

    Sample preparation is an essential step to secure the success of biological studies. Tissue homogenizers have proven to be more efficient than standard methods, and Bertin Instruments’ Precellys, according to its users, is said to be one of the best ever conceived.            François d’Hubert 11 years after Bertin Technologies designed […]


    Bertin Radon training in Stip, Republic of Macedonia

    30 Oct 2018

    On 11th and 12th of September 2018 Bertin performed a radon training at the Goce Delcev University in Stip, Republic of Macedonia, in cooperation with Bertin’s local partner Farmahem. The training was done with scientists from the University “Goce Delcev” and covered a wide range of radon topics: – Discussions about physics, occurrence and origin, […]


    End of production for the SPP2 & PAB2

    17 Oct 2018

    On December 10th, 2018, Bertin will stop producing the SPP2, portable prospecting scintillometer, and the PAB2, alpha & bêta smear and filter test monitor. Contact us by email at or by phone at +33 1 69 53 73 02 to get a quote before the deadline. Ask for a quote >>

    header_APN_Breast_Cancer-recadré 2

    Precellys pins on pink for October!

    11 Oct 2018

    Since 1985, October rhymes with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The goal of this campaign is to sensitize the public about this pathology and to raise funds to help the cancer research. It also provides support for the women and men suffering from this disease. Although this movement originally came from the United States, it is […]


    Best practices for sample preparation & lipid extraction from various samples | NEW WHITE PAPER

    10 Sep 2018

    Lipids play a structural role in organisms, forming cells and organelles’ membranes. Not only do they store energy, but recent studies also showed their role as first and second messengers in signal transduction. As they are implicated in widespread pathologies such as cancer or inflammation, they have become a major concern for the scientific community. […]

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