Coriolis combined with EnviroX-Rv tests for environmental monitoring for SARS-CoV-2 detection

12 May 2020

Bertin Instruments and PathogenDx join forces in the fight against Covid-19 to create an innovative solution for airborne virus detection in air samples. This new solution consists of the Coriolis air sampler (Bertin Instruments) and the EnviroX-Rv kit (PathogenDx), based on a RT-qPCR+ PCR-DNA microarray hybridization technology. Thanks to the Coriolis high collection efficiency and […]

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA with Coriolis μ air sampler

05 May 2020

The current Covid-19 pandemic is exposing the need for reliable solutions for airborne contamination control in healthcare settings. Bertin Instruments has developed Coriolis μ , a cyclonic air sampler that can be used coupled with rapid microbiology techniques to detect airborne viruses, including coronaviruses. The Coriolis μ is used by Imperial College London scientists to […]

Bertin Instruments, a partner of the healthcare sector

20 Apr 2020

Bertin presents its global offer dedicated to the healthcare sector; effective and innovative solutions for the multiple challenges of the sector: – SaphyRAD: a health physics instrument for searching and measuring radiation to ensure the protection of people in exposed environments such as hospitals – Coriolis, Precellys, Incellis: modern and efficient laboratory equipment for airborne […]

Exensor Technology & the Dutch Defense Material Organisation announce the signature of an 8-year framework agreement for the supply of Unmanned Unattended Ground Sensor (UUGS) systems

02 Apr 2020

On January 28, 2020, Exensor Technology – a subsidiary of Bertin Technologies (CNIM Group) – was successfully awarded a new contract with the Netherlands Ministry of Defence to supply Flexnet, an Unmanned Unattended Ground Sensor (UUGS) system. The first batch of systems will be delivered to the Royal Netherlands Army in Summer 2020. Exensor Technology secured an 8-year […]

COVID-19: Bertin ensures the continuity of its core activities

31 Mar 2020

In light of the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bertin has a special thought for those who are mobilized to stop the disease. EMPLOYEE PROTECTION Implementing national & international governmental measures aiming at limiting the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, & complying with the World Health Organization (WHO) directives, Bertin has established preventive actions […]

Bertin GmbH to participate in the BDSV annual seminar | 13-14 nov. 2019 | Münster, Germany

07 Nov 2019

During the BDSV annual seminar, the German subsidiary of Bertin – Bertin GmbH – will present SaphyGate G, from its range of radiation portal monitor.

Cell mitosis monitoring | Visualize different steps of the mitosis

30 Oct 2019

Live cell imaging is a key method to study cells, protein expression and a variety of processes and molecular interactions. Among its many applications, live cell imaging plays a major role in understanding the mechanisms underlying cell migration, cell polarization and apoptosis. For example, the observation of neuronal lamellipodia and filopodia over time has enabled […]

The Coriolis Compact, the new generation of bio air sampler by Bertin

16 Oct 2019

Bertin is expanding its range of air monitoring instruments with the Coriolis Compact, a new equipment dedicated to airborne contamination monitoring. Equipped with an innovative dry cyclonic technology, the Coriolis Compact is the latest instruments for airborne particles collect. Suitable for indoor and outdoor sampling, it aspirates particles with an airflow rate of 50L/m to […]

Bertin’s teams are pleased to announce 2 newcomers for Biological threat sampling

17 Sep 2019

Bertin’s teams are proud to announce the release of 2 new air sampling equipment for biological air monitoring or biological recognition missions: – The Coriolis Compact: dry cyclonic collector intended for air monitoring in a biological threat context. – The Coriolis Nano: ultra-portable electrostatic biological collector intended for armed forces’ personal exposure monitoring. This new […]

Flexnet – Wireless Protection & Surveillance Platform

New Application Note: Breach surveillance with Flexnet

30 Jul 2019

Within a critical infrastructure, protection devices such as fences, gates, barriers, etc. need to function at optimum performance levels in order to avoid or slow an intrusion. Their damage or deterioration thus constitute a security breach in the safety structure. To fill security gaps and ensure the on-going safety of sensitive areas, conventional solutions, such […]


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