Cell proliferation monitoring « Tumor Heterogeneity and precision Medicine » - Bertin Instruments

    Cell proliferation monitoring « Tumor Heterogeneity and precision Medicine »

    Denis Cochonneau
    Sources: Institut de cancérologie de l’Ouest Saint-Herblain, France


    The cell proliferation assay is widely used by a majority of research laboratories including cancer research labs. New technologies allow following proliferation in real time, but it is still frequently required to observe cell’s characteristics (morphology, viability) along the monitoring to make a proper analysis of results.
    Here, we report the benefit of using InCellis® Apps combined with monitoring real time cell proliferation to obtain consistent results.


    Fig 1: Real time cell proliferation with Xcelligence® after coating with 160,000 (purple), 40,000 (green), 10,000 (red) cells and without cell (blue line).

    Fig 2: Cell morphology monitoring with InCellis®. Phase contrast images of PC3 cells after 15 hours of proliferation (Panel A) and automatic analysis of cell confluence (Panel B).


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