This summer, following the selection of Bertin’s optronics devices by the French MoD to equip the CETIA in Canjuers (the largest shooting training center in Western Europe), Bertin has successfully delivered and installed PeriSight modules and FusionSight on the five control towers of the CETIA. As a reminder, the CETIA is the center of expertise of the 1st African Fighter Regiment, a “force preparation center” unit belonging to the Command of Training and Schools of Interarm Combat (COM E2CIA).

These towers are now equipped with one PeriSight 2U module (two side-by-side PeriSight modules with a 180° field of view in order to observe the entire shooting range), and with six PeriSight zoom modules mounted on pan & tilt turrets, in order to observe each corridor of the shooting range. Inside the control tower, the complete optronic system is managed by a dedicated Control & Command (C2) with recording and replay functions. Besides, random observation will be possible, either by day or at night, thanks to one FusionSight deployed from the control tower.

First trainees from French cavalry and infantry regiments have started practice in Canjuers in September.

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