The everyday air pollution: exposure and Management
The knowledge and management of polluted releases are one of the major environmental challenges of our century. As such, the formation of various pollutants, measurement and treatment options must be known, assimilated, classified and communicated.
A global view is needed: reducing NOx emissions directly impacts the olfactory sensation, a flue gas treatment can be analyzed from different facets of his action, processing technologies evolve and must be supported in their development.
Atmos’Fair 2016 wants to gather around a single event, the actors of the treatment of air pollution: the measurement of pollutants and assessment of every day air quality (choice of materials for quality indoor air) to air purification techniques (treatment of industrial pollution in the end) through the management of these odors and pollution peaks (sewage technologies in the environment).

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Coriolis talk will be held during the Pollutants’ metrology – Innovative tools session on Tuesday 11th at 4.00 pm.