Bertin Instruments will be attending SfN’s 46th annual meeting Booth #3226, the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, to showcase its new InCellis and its Precellys range of products at the San Diego Convention Center, from November 12th to 16th.

About InCellis: Cell biologists need to generate cell images in living conditions with a high level of sensitivity to detect fluorescent labeling before working on high end complex microscopy platform. The new InCellis cell imager provides publication-quality images of cell culture, including multi fluorescent cell labelling, and allows the calculation of cell transfection efficiency and cell culture confluency directly on the bench.
Based on cutting edge camera technology , efficient LED illumination and easy-to-use software, InCellis will supply high level of performances in a minute.
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About the Precellys range of products: Sample preparation is critical to obtain the adequate quantity and quality of interest molecules from biological samples. It is a delicate and time consuming process. Bertin Instruments offers a range of efficient and flexible Precellys® homogenizers based on bead beating technology for grinding any samples prior to DNA, RNA and protein analysis. Those homogenizers, combined with dedicated lysing kit, are the best lab’s partner to save time and improve efficiency of sample preparation protocols.
Particularly, the Precellys® Evolution can process 4 different sizes of tubes and up to 24 tubes simultaneously. Its flexibility and high efficiency gives scientists the ability to prepare any type of soft or hard samples in seconds. The large range of Lysing kit, based on different beads material as metal, ceramic, glass and garnet beads, make it suitable for multiple biological applications.
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