Firmly established as the leading conference for armoured vehicle experts focused on C2, C4i, sensors and optronics, the FUTURE ARMOURED VEHICLES SITUATIONAL AWARENESS 2017  provides a perfect platform for both operational users and industry to share their experiences in the enhancement of situational awareness, information gathering and information sharing.

Bertin Instruments’ team will present our optronics solutions during the FUTURE ARMOURED VEHICLES SITUATIONAL AWARENESS 2017, taking place in London, UK from March 28th to 30th. We will showcase:
FusionSight®: the world-first digital night vision device providing smart fusion for threat and target accurate detection. Especially adapted to the infantry chiefs and special forces requirements, this reliable handled device is efficient on the field during operations facing hidden and camouflaged enemies, even under limited visibility conditions.
PeriSight®, network of imaging sensor modules offering multiple viewing channels: color low light, thermal. Available with different fields of view and dispersed all over the vehicle to reduce vulnerability, PeriSight® modules provides night and day 360° surveillance in short range to enhance land situation awareness and driver vision.
Second Sight® MS, provides full situation awareness to increase the action capability when an unexpected chemical attack is occurring. The Second Sight MS is implemented on CBRN vehicle with full integration within the CBRN sensors. The remote monitoring from inside the vehicle provide a full 360° surveillance of chemical threat.

Attend the Bertin Instruments presentation: “Innovative solutions for Night and Day Land Situational Awareness (LSA) and Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE)” by Charles-Edouard DE GHAMENA, on March 29th – 1.15PM.

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