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    Implementation of gamma monitoring systems for nuclear power plants

    Sources: Temelin and Dukovany nuclear power plants (Czech Rep.)


    Bertin Instruments was awarded for the delivery, installation and commissioning of a new sophisticated environmental and emergency radiation monitoring system for two nuclear power plants in Czech Republic: Temelin (2 VVER reactors, 2.000 MW capacity) and Dukovany (4 VVER reactors, 2.000 MW capacity). Both monitoring systems have been fully operational since October 2016.


    For redundancy and safety reasons, all measurement data had to be transmitted to two locations:

    • the nuclear power plant’s control room
    • a mobile control center located in an emergency vehicle

    Both the nuclear power plant control room and the mobile emergency vehicle have independent database servers and were fully equipped with software for data reception, processing and alarm management. With a reception signal to noise ratio of -143 dB, Bertin’s proprietary radio transmission system is the only worldwide system which can cover  large  areas  as  required  in  the  tender, without using a repeater. Due  to  the  use  of  specific  licensed frequencies, the data transmission will reliably work even in a catastrophe scenario, when public communication frequencies and infrastructures is down or crowded.


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