Reliable remote radiation monitoring system in use for 16 years in the Schleswig-Holstein state - Bertin Instruments

    Nationwide monitoring network

    Reliable remote radiation monitoring system in use for 16 years in the Schleswig-Holstein state

    Sources: Federal Nuclear Supervisory Authority of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany


    Since 1982, the Federal Nuclear Supervisory Authority of Schleswig-Holstein (MELUND) has been operating a cable bound and ISDN*-based monitoring system for the surveillance of gamma radiation around the nuclear power plants of Brunsbüttel, Brokdorf and Krümmel.

    In order to improve different features such as the measurement range and time, data transmission & data storage, the MELUND decided to renew completely the system in the early 2000’s.

    In order to satisfy these requirements Bertin GmbH (formerly Saphymo GmbH) was awarded in 2002 to set up a completely new metrology network covering the whole area of the three nuclear plants of Schleswig-Holstein.

    ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network


    Picture 2: Map of Schleswig-Holstein. Green points: Nuclear Power Plants Red points: measurement sites. Shaded fields: SkyLINK coverage areas

    The reliable system installed in 2002 was one of the first SkyLINK systems ever put in place. It has now been in continuous operation for more than 16 years, thanks to the maintenance contract also awarded to Bertin GmbH. With their 3-year independent power supply, the probes require a very low maintenance and monitor efficiently a large surface covering all three nuclear power plants of Schleswig-Holstein. Moreover, by using the SkyLINK autonomous network, no additional fees for data transmission have been needed for the past 16 years. As it does not depend on the existence of a public cellular infrastructure, it is completely secure and reliable in any situation.


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