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    Air monitoring

    Saphymo, the nuclear instrumentation range from Bertin Instruments, offers devices that measure beta or alpha/beta activity (Bq/m3). SA series – spectroscopic air monitors measure beta/gamma activity (Bq/m3) and identify radionuclides.

    The BAB monitor is used to continuously measure the concentration of α and β artificial radioactive aerosols, in the presence of natural radioactivity due to Radon, Thoron and background noise.

    Its main application is environmental monitoring, but the BAB monitor is also suitable for ventilation duct air monitoring and follow-up of in-air radon and Thoron daughter concentrations.

    The SA2XX air monitors are fixed units, used for continuous measurement of particulate volumetric activity in all gaseous effluents. They are equipped with a high resolution and very sensitive LaBr3 detector for gamma measurement and measure beta/gamma activity (Bq/m3) and identify gamma radionuclides. SA2XX can be easily combined with a SpectroTRACER.


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