Use of radiological instruments in the military - Bertin Instruments

    Use of radiological instruments in the military

    Saphymo, the nuclear instrumentation range from Bertin Instruments, offers radiological measurement systems used in the military sector, for protecting soldiers and the population as well as for site surveying.

    Deterrence is the corner pillar of defense, reflected in today’s nuclear military vehicles (submarines, aircraft carriers, aircraft, etc.) and sensitive sites.

    Defense calls on Saphymo’s exhaustive product range to secure its personnel and equipment and shoulder the emergency services in case of a CBRN threat. All military units are required to be equipped with detection and decontamination devices, and to provide the special expertise needed to manage exceptional events. Nuclear military sites must also be equipped with specialized monitoring devices. Dosimetry, survey meters, access control, Radiation Monitoring Systems, environmental monitoring networks and numerous other solutions offer valuable decision-aid tools, providing fast and accurate information and hence facilitate situation assessment.


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