On June 5th, the European Commission published three decrees in the Official Journal in order to enhance the protection of nuclear activities in Europe. This new evolution was in fact already debated since December 2013; the core ideas emanating from the ASN (French Nuclear Safety Authority). New measures have been adopted, and their goal is to protect as best as possible the public, patients and workers against radioactive threats – including the radon risk.


In view of its strong expertise in radiation detection, Bertin offers a range of instruments to monitor the concentration of radon gas. With these new European recommendations, theoretical annual limits of exposure have been lowered from 400 Bq/m³ to 300 Bq/m³. These recommendations also specify that if the workers’ exposure exceeds 6 mSv/an, “radon” zoning must be set up to diagnose both buildings and people that are potentially exposed. A real-time individual medical monitoring is also mandatory.


The AlphaGuard is the reference instrument for radon measurement. Equipped with an integrated digital interface, it allows for fast and reliable results to monitor the radon risk. Complementary, the AlphaE portable monitor is lightweight and accurate. Autonomous, its versatility and adaptiveness enable to provide accurate radon monitoring in many situations – for instance when the threshold of 6 mSv/an is reached. Bertin Instruments is committed to produce innovative and cutting-edge technology equipment. These products, adapted to the specific users’ needs, efficiently meet European and international standards toward radon risk monitoring.

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