Bertin Instruments is proud to announce the first official installation of the new SaphyGATE G portal monitor on October 09, 2017, for the scrap metal dealer GALLOO, in Dunkirk, France (about 15 km from the Gravelines nuclear power plant).

After a first experience with an old generation portal monitor, GALLOO wanted to replace it with another system in order to solve productivity and availability problems due to high false alarm rate. With its innovative algorithm designed to compensate the background attenuation caused by the vehicle driving through, SaphyGATE G has proven being the ideal solution, as it has a better radiation detection with a lower false alarm rate compared to other classical systems, even in case of small activity sources.


Figure: SaphyGATE G’s smart background compensation

During the installation, GALLOO noticed the robustness of the mechanical parts used for the detector’s construction, as well as the state-of-the-art ergonomic & functions of the touchscreen PC interface.

The SaphyGATE G portal monitor was successfully tested with a 10 kBq radioactive source at the end of the installation, according to the strict protocols used by Bertin Instruments.

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