FusionSight was officially selected by the USSOCOM to be part of a technical evaluation on Night Vision technologies, at Camp Blanding (Florida) between 14 and 16 November.

Assessments took place on the edge of an airstrip, surrounded by a pine forest and decommissioned buildings. There was a “supermoon” on 14 November, which means the luminosity was 30% greater than usual for a full moon. The transist light conditions were good for evaluations from dusk into evening. The sky was always clear, so the light conditions were the best for FusionSight trials, with its low-light sensor providing a color image when the moon was visible.

The Bertin Technologies team successfully demonstrated to the assessors the key features and the main advantages of FusionSight:

  • Discamouflage capability, thanks to fusion between IR and Low Light sensors
  • DRI Medium-Range of IR and Low Light modes
  • Recognition and identification outside, thanks to Low Light and fusion images in color
  • Mobility and ergonomics, thanks to both the weight and design of FusionSight

The main assessors for FusionSight, two officers working for WARCOM, said “Your fusion is a great feature, and your thermal mode is very clean”.