Bertin Instruments is proud to announce that FusionSight, handheld night & day vision device, has been deployed by the French Navy in the Caribbean.

It will be used by operational onboard helicopters to perform Search And Rescue (SAR) and counterdrug missions.

FusionSight undoubtedly brings operational advantages for that kind of missions: given the lack of space onboard helicopters, the observer has to stand behind either the door gunner or the hoist operator. Therefore, he has to hold the observation device at arm’s length, and he cannot look through it directly. Thanks to its lightweight design and video output, FusionSight is specially adapted to these operational needs. Besides, the smart digital fusion of color low light and thermal cameras brings comfort and efficiency in observation, by providing all necessary information on the same image: the name of the boat observed, the number of crew members onboard, and object colors (such as bags thrown at sea for example).

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