During operations, the number of movement shall be the lowest possible, and any of them shall be thought to avoid being detected.
Therefore, keeping the distance as long as possible with a target of interest can save lives.
Thanks to a zoom feature, a Night Vision Device user may keep his position when detecting a target. Indeed, by zooming on detected targets of interest, it helps the user to recognize and to identify these targets.

Since September 2016, a x8 digital zoom feature has been included into FusionSight®.

FusionSight® team has chosen a digital zoom over an optical one for two major reasons. First, to keep FusionSight® the lightest and the most silent possible for special forces needs. Second, to optimize the power consumption and to increase the already large autonomy of FusionSight®.
With a digital zoom, no more need to carry heavy optics and to loose vital time in changing them. This also ensures a complete availability, without any maintenance!

As for the whole FusionSight®, its zoom has been developed around user needs. Users have now the choice between continuous and discrete modes with only one button. Indeed, they can quickly confirm observation thanks to the discrete mode of the zoom, from x1 to x8 and by increment of 1 or choose the best definition of a target by using FusionSight® continuous zoom, still from x1 to x8.

Zoom feature X8 FusionSight

Example of x1, x2 and x4 of same image on targets of interest

After the smart digital fusion of FusionSight®, that zoom feature is a second revolution, since it works not only in thermal and low-light modes, but also in fusion mode!

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