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    5 km standoff gas detection & identification


    This field trial aims at validating the detection capability of a gas cloud 5 km away from the Second Sight® MS. All leading military armies involved in standoff detection are considering this distance as a must-have capability to increase the chemical threat site surveillance. Being able to give an early warning with a threat at 5 km gives enough time for apply preventive measure with adequate protection.
    To achieve the test, the Second Sight® has been positioned to have a line of sight view on the release point. The deployment is taking less than 5 minutes to set up out of the box and start surveillance. The Second Sight® is battery operated and equipped with a 12° lens to increase the optical sensibility. The gas used for this trial is the sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).


    Simulation of 8 kg SF6 release:

    • initial cloud of about 85m wide at a concentration 500ppm after 30 seconds
    • cloud growing to 200m at a concentration 50ppm and then dissipating

    The Second Sight® has detected and identified the cloud, even with only 8kg of released gas. The detection happened on a small cloud, just above the release point. The cloud is growing up, displayed in real time with a color scale from blue to red, where red is the highest concentration. The confidence threshold is between 80 and 90%, due to the thickness of atmosphere to go through. In the bottom right corner, the GPS coordinates are written, in order to identify the contaminated area.


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