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    Fixed Surveillance for early warning

    Second Sight TC provides continuous monitoring of the chosen area, while integrated to a pressurized stainless steel enclosure adapted to IECEx hazardous area, Zone 2 explosive area and Industrial standards.

    Second Sight  TC is implemented in a gas cloud tracking network for 24/7 surveillance.
    This solution provides key information directly to the central control room with a real time visual representation of the gas cloud and cloud movement relative to the plant.

    To provide optimized coverage of the target area, the Second Sight is installed on existing plant structure or on high masts, designed and supplied by Bertin Instruments. The Second Sight will be connected to the main communication infrastructure to send the live view and the detection information to the operator in security room. To manage the complete solution, Bertin Instruments will provide software and hardware for monitoring the Second Sight, the potential alarm, or manage the playback system. The gas detected by Second Sight are : Butane, propan, LPG, NH3, SO.


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