The increased effort in energy-saving measures such as increased insulation and air-tightness could lead to an elevated average radon concentration in homes. This could result in an additional lung cancer risk for the residents, highlighting the need for a balanced approach between achieving improved environmental performance without increasing health risks to humans.

Research teams are currently working on the evaluation of the relationship between energy-saving measures and the indoor radon concentration (Read the application note). This also accompanied by the implementation of the new basic safety standards for protection against the dangers arising from exposure to ionizing radiation, including radon, introduced by the European Union.

Bertin Instruments is positioned as a leader in the field of Radon Monitoring through the AlphaGUARD instrument and the AlphaE handheld Radon monitor. The AlphaGUARD radon monitor offers high detection efficiency in radon monitoring, a wide measurement range (2 – 2 000 000 Bq/m³), fast response and maintenance-free operation with long-term stable calibration.

This professional device is suitable for expertise, short-term and long-term indoor Radon measurement, but also for the measurement of Radon and Thoron in air, water and soil in different environments like workplaces, industries, mines, etc. The AlphaE, ultra-small radon monitor is designed for personal radon dosimetry e.g. in workplaces and mines as well as for maintenance-free long-term measurements.


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