Update 1.2.6 | What are the benefits of this new version?

1- Image Gallery Menu
This new version includes an automatic image saving on a USB stick: to activate this setting, just go to the settings menu, touch the floppy disk button and select “USB”. The main benefit of this function is to avoid loosing images when the Incellis is accidentally turned off. On the root of the USB stick a folder called “IncellisGallerie” will be created and all captured images will be saved in each channel (DAPI, GFP, etc.). For multichannel images, the overlayed image will be storaged in the “merge” folder and each independant image will also be saved in the according channel folder.
For example, if you capture a 2 color image (DAPI+GFP), the overlayed image is automatically saved in the “merge” folder, and DAPI image is in DAPI folder, GFP image in eGFP folder. For a white light image, all images are saved in the Contrast folder.

If you want to build a specific overlayed image : for example if you capture a 3-color image and that you want to build an overlay with only 2 colors, you have to save manually with the floppy disk button in the Gallerie menu. The image will be saved in the folder you previously defined (go to the settings menu then touch the floppy disk button).

Moreover, the “Information” button is now active : if you select it, for each channel (merge channel excepted) you will obtain a list of all informations regarding the image you took : Name of Channel, Exposure time, LED intensity, objective lenses, etc… If you open a saved image on your computer, you can access the image’s parameters (such as exposure time, LED intensity, channel name, etc.) with a right click on the image in file properties/details.

2- Scale bar
Now the value of the scale bar is a simple value, such as 50, 100, 150µ, and the size of the scale bar can change depending on the magnification and the digital zoom.

3- Cell culture applications
When you run a cell culture application and then you want to switch to another cell culture application you now have a direct access to the application menu, without going back to the gallery menu as it was in the previous version.

4- Color images
In the settings menu, if you select the settings button, you can now adjust the colors’ intensity to get the best balance of colored image.