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    Bertin Instruments provides and develops solutions both for CBRN threat detection and identification and optronic surveillance systems dedicated to the strategic sector of defense and security.

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    Bertin Instruments is a key player in the defense and security sector and counts among its partners the DGA (French Arms Procurement Agency) and the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission).

    Building on this expertise, Bertin Instruments is the only French brand offering proprietary systems for all CBRN threats through the products Second Sight (chemical gas detection), Coriolis (bio-air sampler for pathogen collection) and Saphymo’s range of equipment (instrumentation solutions dedicated to the detection and monitoring of ionizing radiation). Bertin Instruments is also developing dedicated optronic systems for military recognition and surveillance of critical areas.

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    Biological – Airborne pathogens collection

    Portable, light and ruggedized bio-air sampler for biological warfare agents detection

    Product: Coriolis RECON

    Chemical threat detection

    Second Sight MS is the only standoff gas cloud detector for real time surveillance and with source localization.

    Product: Second Sight MS – gas detector

    Radiological & Nuclear monitoring

    Bertin Instruments provides a range of reliable and high-performance products fully adapted to the fight against CBRN terrorism and covers any emergency situation.

    Product: Radiological & nuclear monitoring

    Radiation portal monitors

    Radiation portal monitors are specifically designed for the detection of very low radioactive contamination and orphan sources at high traffic flow gates for vehicles, cargo, containers and pedestrians.

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    Surveillance radiologique et nucléaire

    Bertin Instruments propose une gamme de produits fiables et offrant les plus hauts niveaux de performance. Ils sont entièrement adaptés pour la lutte contre le terrorisme NRBC, et couvrent toutes les situations d’urgence.

    Product: Radiological & nuclear monitoring

    Digital Night Vision Device

    FusionSight is the world’s first digital night and day vision device providing smart fusion for threat and target accurate detection.

    Product: FusionSight – Night Vision Device

    Land situational awareness

    A Short Range Land Situational Awareness system for land vehicles with up to 360° angle-view inside the vehicle.

    Product: PeriSight – Night vision enhancer

    Video analytics

    Module of automatic image processing for analogic or digital output video to be used in numerous military and civil market applications.

    Product: VigiSight – image processing

    Unattended Ground Sensor system

    Exensor’s Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) System provides remote early warning to guarantee the protection and security of people and critical infrastructures around the world.

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    Business cases

    Bertin Instruments-Egypt

    National radioactivity monitoring network – Egypt

    The Egypt State awarded Bertin Instruments the contract to establish a national radioactivity monitoring network. In case of a radiological incident, warning stations installed in strategic locations will allow for rapid crisis management even in degraded environmental conditions. Saphymo delivered at the end of 2015 a first radioactivity monitoring network for the Egyptian State. In […]


    EDF – Rapid response for major radiological accidents

    Bertin Instruments radiation detection probes delivered to the French nuclear operator are to be deployed in the event of an emergency. Shortly after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March 2011, a need for additional safety measures became obvious. On the recommendation of the French nuclear safety regulator (ASN), EDF suggested creating […]

    Bertin Instruments - gas-detection_LAPD

    Second Sight gas detection camera delivered to the LAPD

    The Bertin Instruments gas detection camera, Second Sight, has been delivered to the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) for real-time surveillance of critical areas such as stadiums or fan zones during mass events. Second Sight, the Bertin Instruments gas detection camera, has been delivered to the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). This valuable customer is […]


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