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    Industrial plants are facing the release of a wide range of pollutants with a potentially harmful impact on workers’ health and surrounding areas. Bertin Instruments provides equipment to measure and limit the side-effects.

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    Industrial plant such as cooling towers, composting plants, waste-sorting plants, green waste collection centres and wastewater treatment plants deal with an increased range of chemical, biological and radiological pollutants that risk impacting on the health of workers and people living in neighbouring residential areas.

    Bertin Instruments provides solutions to help customers detect and collect invisible elements that need to be measured:

    • Saphymo’s radioactivity detection solutions (radiological detection portals, survey meters and waste control beacons) designed to meet the demands of the recycling, steel and petrochemical industries
    • Coriolis µ bio-air sampler used for rapid microbiological detection and air quality control processes.

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    Dose rate & survey meters

    Bertin Instruments provides a full range of professional equipment for radiation or contamination monitoring and measurement, to ensure the protection of workers and the environment.

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    Environmental Radiation Monitoring Systems

    Environmental radiation surveillance and early warning solutions related to the measurement of radioactivity and chemicals in air, soil and water.

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    Radiation portal monitors

    Radiation portal monitors are specifically designed for the detection of very low radioactive contamination and orphan sources at high traffic flow gates for vehicles, cargo, containers and pedestrians.

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    Radon professional monitoring

    A complete range of products for Radon risk assessment, from personal exposure to reference radon measurements.

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    Air monitoring

    Coriolis Air samplers collect biological particles in the air which offer new perspectives for the control of airborne contamination thanks to its liquid sample.

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    Elemental analysis

    Elemental Analysis allows to determine the atomic composition of a sample. Bertin Instruments proposes systems for on-line or lab applications by laser spectroscopy.

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    Surveillance professionnelle du radon

    Une gamme complète de produits pour évaluer les risques liés au radon, depuis l’exposition personnelle jusqu’aux mesures de radon de référence.

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    Business cases

    Bertin Instruments - dark tunnel with light

    Radon risk assessment in underground workplaces in the UK

    AlphaE instruments have been supplied to a UK mine for Radon risk assessment in underground workplaces. The instrument is also used for personnel radon monitoring under harsh conditions and with high air humidity. Integrated Radiological Services (IRS) Ltd, the UK’s high-quality supplier of radiation protection services, supplied United Utilities with eight AlphaE personnel radon exposure […]

    Bertin Instruments - air-sampler_Singapore

    Coriolis air sampler used to study Singapore’s biosphere

    Several units of Coriolis µ Biological air sampler have been recently delivered to the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The Coriolis µ equipment will be used to realize a huge environmental project planned for the next few years. Several units of Coriolis µ Biological air sampler have been recently delivered to the Nanyang Technological University […]


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