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Bertin instruments develops innovative sampling, detection and measurement solutions for high added value markets. Bertin instruments solutions and teams are dedicated to the key worldwide industries of Nuclear, Defense & Security, Safety, Life Sciences and Environment.

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Bertin Instruments is providing state of the art solutions to «monitor the invisible».

Its wide range of devices are addressing different markets for multiple applications. Since the very earliest days of its creation, Bertin has always addressing highly demanding markets to succeed all challenges. Strong of this expertise, Bertin Instruments developed the major patented successes in a range of innovative equipment, dedicated to the Nuclear, Defense & Security, Safety, Life Sciences and Environment industries.

Through the expertise of Saphymo, Bertin Instruments is now proposing high added value solutions for Radiation monitoring.

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Tissue Homogenizers – Sample preparation

Sample preparation is critical to master molecules extraction from biological samples. Bertin Instruments offers efficient and flexible Precellys tissue homogenizers for grinding any samples prior to analysis.

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Radon professional monitoring

A complete range of products for Radon risk assessment, from personal exposure to reference radon measurements.

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Optronics – Surveillance systems

Bertin Instruments provides its customers with optronic devices – visible and infrared – for the protection and surveillance of high-risk hotspots and for the military market.

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Gas detection

Explosive or toxic gases are a constant threat to industry as well as civil and military security. Second Sight is an innovative instrument to protect infrastructures and population based on an early warning system.

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Cell Imaging System

InCellis is the new generation of cell imager. Its unique low light colour sensor allows the highest sensitivity in fluorescence. Embedded cell culture applications provide accurate and quick results.

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Environmental Radiation Monitoring Systems

Environmental radiation surveillance and early warning solutions related to the measurement of radioactivity and chemicals in air, soil and water.

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Air monitoring

Coriolis Air samplers collect biological particles in the air which offer new perspectives for the control of airborne contamination thanks to its liquid sample.

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Préparation d’échantillons – Homogénéisateurs

La préparation d’échantillons est essentielle pour maîtriser l’extraction de molécules à partir d’échantillons biologiques. Bertin Instruments propose les homogénéisateurs de tissus biologiques Precellys. Ils sont efficaces et flexibles pour broyer tout type d’échantillon avant l’analyse.

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Surveillance professionnelle du radon

Une gamme complète de produits pour évaluer les risques liés au radon, depuis l’exposition personnelle jusqu’aux mesures de radon de référence.

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Optronique : systèmes de surveillance

Bertin Instruments a conçu des dispositifs optroniques (visibles et infrarouges) pour le marché militaire afin d’aider ses clients à protéger et surveiller les zones à haut risque.

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Détection de gaz

Les gaz explosifs ou toxiques sont une menace constante pour l’industrie ainsi que pour la sécurité civile et militaire. Second Sight est un instrument innovant basé sur un système d’alerte rapide, qui permet de protéger les infrastructures et la population.

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