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    Health Physics

    Bertin Instruments provides professional Health Physics instruments for searching and measuring radiation to ensure the protection of people, workers and the environment, in accordance with Radioprotection standards.

    Everyday, population is exposed to various sources of ionizing radiation such as natural radiation sources, medical applications, industrial practices or effluents from nuclear installations. This exposition, especially to important levels of ionizing radiation, can be harmful to humans.

    Bertin Instruments, through Saphymo’s expertise, provides a comprehensive range of Health Physics Instruments dedicated to the detection and monitoring of ionizing radiation (alpha, beta, gamma and neutron). Thanks to Saphymo’s experience in radiation monitoring, dosimetry & contamination detection, this range of products is covering all applications related to the protection of individuals and reach radioprotection standards. Handheld or transportable, Bertin’ health physics instruments give quick and reliable measurements for a fast reactivity on the field.

    Range of products
    for Health Physics

    Dose rate & survey meters

    Bertin Instruments provides a full range of professional equipment for radiation or contamination monitoring and measurement, to ensure the protection of workers and the environment.

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    Dosimetry is a key parameter for workers exposed to ionizing radiations. Thanks to Saphymo expertise, Bertin Instruments offers fast and reliable dosimeters and dosimetry systems.

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    Alpha/Beta contamination control

    Bertin instruments has developed fast and reliable products aimed to detect Alpha and Beta rays’ contamination.

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