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Safety improvement is a constant issue in vital industries such as oil and gas. The mission of Bertin Instruments is to develop innovative tools to protect their infrastructures and workers at an early stage.

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Major incidents on industrial sites in recent decades have led to increased safety levels.

Explosive gas leaks are a constant, immediate threat at refineries. Leaks may accumulate into dangerous clouds that can ignite when they reach a certain concentration and a single explosive accident can cost billions.

Bertin Instruments offers a full-scene coverage gas cloud tracking system that adds another layer of safety inside critical sites.

It allows users to prevent incidents at an early stage. Building on Saphymo’s experience, Bertin Instruments also provides innovative solutions related to radiation protection, radon and environment monitoring to meet industrial safety needs.

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Gas detection

Explosive or toxic gases are a constant threat to industry as well as civil and military security. Second Sight is an innovative instrument to protect infrastructures and population based on an early warning system.

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Radon professional monitoring

A complete range of products for Radon risk assessment, from personal exposure to reference radon measurements.

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Surveillance professionnelle du radon

Une gamme complète de produits pour évaluer les risques liés au radon, depuis l’exposition personnelle jusqu’aux mesures de radon de référence.

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Détection de gaz

Les gaz explosifs ou toxiques sont une menace constante pour l’industrie ainsi que pour la sécurité civile et militaire. Second Sight est un instrument innovant basé sur un système d’alerte rapide, qui permet de protéger les infrastructures et la population.

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Business cases


New era in gas detection methods for the oil and gas industry

Petrofac awarded a contract to Bertin Instruments to supply, install and commission a pioneering gas leak tracking system, Second Sight, at the Saudi Aramco-owned Jazan refinery to enhance the level of safety on site. Bertin Instruments has achieved a major breakthrough by customizing its own gas imaging camera. Initially developed for defense and civil security […]

Bertin Instruments - Radon safety

Surveying for radon on an oil platform

AlphaGUARD and AlphaPM used for radon and radon progeny risk assessment on an oil platform. Molycorp Mountain Pass Minerals Mine, USA, have begun enhancing and modernizing their facilities. AlphaGUARD and AlphaPM have been used for a study to compare passive radon thoron detectors (track etch detectors) and real-time detectors (AlphaGUARD). In the case of passive […]


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