Bertin Instruments and its brand Saphymo will exhibit during the 30th Annual International Radon Symposium taking place from September 18th to 21st at Paradise Point, a Destination Resort hotel, in San Diego.

Join us at our booth, n°9, to discover our newest offer on Radon professional monitoring!

About Saphymo : Created in 1952 and formerly a leading worldwide company in nuclear instrumentation, Saphymo evolved through internal growth and acquisitions, until its activity became in 2016 a primary brand into Bertin Instruments global portfolio. Its solutions, dedicated to nuclear instrumentation, offers high level of radiation detection and measurement, and is a reference in radon professional monitoring.

About AlphaGuard: AlphaGUARD is a portable, battery or net-operated radon monitor with high storage capacity. In addition to the radon concentration in air, AlphaGUARD measures and records also simultaneously ambient temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure with integrated sensors. Thanks to its high sensitivity and long time stable calibration, it is the reference instrument for professional radon monitoring. The complete product line provides all accessories for radon in air, water, soil, building materials, progeny, thoron and calibration equipment to perform air, water, soil, exhalation measurements. The collected data can be linked to the DataVIEW software, allowing data download and storage as well as professional data analysis and reporting.